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  • Prospect medicament ALGOCALMIN Prospect medicament ALGOCALMIN


    Prospect ALGOCALMIN-Comprimate, Fiole

    By 2014-04-13T17:18:51+03:00

    Prospect medicament ALGOCALMIN-ALGOCALMIN- Comprimate, Fiole Substanta activa: metamizolum fiole Prospect medicament ALGOCALMIN-Compozitie Comprimate continand 0,500 g...

  • Inedit

    Prospect ALEXAN- fiole/flacoane

    By 2014-04-13T16:39:23+03:00

    Prospect medicament ALEXAN-ALEXAN Substanta activa: cytarabinum solutie Prospect medicament ALEXAN Prezentare farmaceutica Fiole si flacoane a 2...

  • Inedit

    Prospect ALERGIM A -fiole

    By 2014-04-13T16:31:11+03:00

    Prospect medicament Alergim A-ALERGIM A Substanta activa: produse antialergice Prospect medicament Alergim A Indicatii Fiind un produs...

  • Inedit

    Prospect AHYPNON-fiole

    By 2014-04-13T16:14:20+03:00

    Prospect medicamentAHYPNON– AHYPNON Substanta activa: bemegridum Prospect medicamentAHYPNON Prezentare farmaceutica Fiole a 10 ml solutIe continand bemegrida...

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